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Acquisition Logistics & Life Cycle Management

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The cornerstone of any successful business has a logistics support team that can effectively plan, implement, and manage comprehensive projects. We understand the importance of acquisition logistics management and provide consumer-centric support from concept to disposal during the product’s life cycle.

The next inventory inspection is coming. You definitely don’t want to get the phone call from leadership you received last go around and you’re not even sure if the technology is up to date to deliver.


There has to be a better way!

Sound familiar?

P Cubed Consulting Acquisition Logistics and Life Cycle Management

Anxious about the next inventory inspection?

Tired of being called by leadership about missing equipment?

Have no idea about the status of technical changes?


Design, Manage and Sustain your system in 3 EASY steps.

Our Reportable, Accountable, and Replaceable (RAR) initiative creates an effective Acquisition Life Cycle Management process that will provide the best possible end-user experience.

We help you ensure the fit > form > function of your systems to help you provide the quality and cost savings you strive for.

Control Inventory
Control Budget

Clarify Changes
Create Success

Ensure Reliability
Instill Trust

Stage 01


We’ll work together to determine what items are reportable and its state of configuration and create a success plan to improve oversight and control.

Stage 02


We’ll work with your team to obtain a full account of your end-items and equipment and new strategies to improve maintainability and configuration accuracy.

Stage 03


Proper logistics and configuration management is never a “done it and quit it” process. To ensure we’ve provided the best strategy and implemented the right processes, we’ll follow up to ensure your newly implemented software and strategies have you and your customers on the path to success.

What You'll Get...

P Cubed Consulting - Acquisitions Logistics and Life Cycle Management
"Dr. Sharon Kelley is a breath of fresh air when it comes to business. Her expertise on the subject of customer experience is insightful, practical and inspiring. She reminds us to be people-focused and to truly understand why we are in business so that we can effectively market to our customers."
Kelsey Whitman
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Frequently Asked Consumer Experience Training Questions

While companies may have great pricing and promote volume, we focus providing the best experiences in addition to the skills and strategies. We understand that great consumer experiences lead to long term relationships and greater satisfaction.

Yes, slightly. However, acquisition logistics encompasses elements common to traditional logistics efforts. Acquisition Logistics is a technical management discipline that encompasses multiple functions. Acquisition Logistics focuses on supporting from the design of product or equipment to the final delivery and follow-on improvement. We provide the right people with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities for life-cycle sustainment.

Ironically, many people associate Configuration Management with software only. A thorough configuration manager will be able to apply the knowledge and skills to achieve success for both hardware and software. The goal of a properly implemented CM process is to improve oversight and decreasing cost.

The largest costs associated with acquiring and baselining new hardware or software are duplications and disposal. Configuration Management efforts concentrates on the capability from end-to-end. CM is the application of sound business processes and best practices to establish and maintain consistency of a product’s evolving technical baseline from concept to disposal. The intent is to keep released changes clear, concise, and effective. Product and capability integrity is a must to gain end-user trust and confidence.

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