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from Frustrated Customer to
Raving Fan

Customer Experience Training

Eliminate frustration for your customers and your staff

Training for Government Agencies and Businesses

Businesses are set up to serve customers, and government departments are no different. Are your practices customer- centric?

With our customer experience training, you’ll learn strategies and exercises to better understand your audience’s needs, increasing their satisfaction when interacting with your employees.

You pick up a call in queue and the customer is already frustrated. Every word you say to try to calm the situation just irritates the customer more & more – now you’re getting just as irritated as the they are.

This call is going nowhere fast.

Sound familiar?

Frustrated Customers - P Cubed Consulting of Northern Virginia

Are your staff and customers feeling detached?

Are interactions leading to irritation and dissatisfaction?

Are your customers frustrated with a broken process?


Improved Customer Experience in 3 Easy Steps

Improve how your customers and employees relate providing better experiences, better engagement and better outcomes for everyone.

Our 3 Step Successful Engagement Training is easy and cost effective. It’s custom tailored to your needs and will get your customers and employees to enjoy engaging again.

Improved process
Improved relationships

Greater experiences
Greater outcomes

Better engagement
Better success

Stage 01


An in-depth assessment to understand your goals, to determine the needs of your customer and create a baseline to measure success.

Stage 02


We’ll work with your leadership team bringing a fresh perspective and new strategies to improve the experience of your customers and staff.

Stage 03


To ensure we’ve provided the best customer experience possible, we’ll follow up to ensure your newly implemented strategies have you and your customers on the path to success.

the benefits of Great Customer experience training

Raving Fans For Your Agency - P Cubed Consulting Customer Experience Training
"Dr. Sharon Kelley is a breath of fresh air when it comes to business. Her expertise on the subject of customer experience is insightful, practical and inspiring. She reminds us to be people-focused and to truly understand why we are in business so that we can effectively market to our customers."
Kelsey Whitman
UMW EagleWorks Business Incubation Program Manager
UMW Center for Economic Development

Frequently Asked Consumer Experience Training Questions

Yes. One effective way to understand your customers is to ask about for feedback. The right customer experience survey will help you understand your customer. Customer’s expectations will change over time so it’s important to take surveys on a consistent basis and analyze to determine how to best meet the actual needs of your customers.

Yes. However, if your company doesn’t have a Customer Experience Consultant, and you’re ready to improve your CX, then it probably makes sense to hire a new perspective a consult can bring. A customer experience consultant will help your company focus on training in the right areas to increase the success your CX strategy.

Yes. There are many platforms built for different types of businesses, varying budgets, and unique needs/requirements.

It is important to ensure your training program is employee-appreciated and customer-centric. Update as often as necessary. Think of ways for every department to take actions that result in a more positive employee and customer experience. You will find that pleased customers lead to happier employees and better business results.

This is a very common question. In short, customer service focuses on a single interaction or transaction with the customer; however, customer experience encompasses every experience a customer has with your company and every touchpoint along the way.

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