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The custom dashboard is meant to help you manage your website. Here you’ll be able to communicate with the Stafford Technologies team, view your monthly website health check and learn the basics of managing your website content on your own.

Monthly Care Report

At Stafford Technologies and Contractor Websites Plus we take your website’s security seriously. We monitor your website continuously to ensure all of your plugins, themes, WordPress version, PHP versions and databases are up to date with the latest updates and security patches.

You can view your latest report to the right.below:


Editing Your Website

We want you to have the ability to complete minor edits on your website with confidence. In this section you’ll find some resources from the platforms creator as well as the short training video we did with you on Zoom.

If you mess something up – NO WORRIES! – we are here to support you. Simply click on the link in the “Get In Touch” section of this page and we’ll help you out.

Valuable Resources

Elementor Video Tutorials:


Elementor Pro Documentation:


Stafford Technologies Training Video:

Get In Touch

Our team is always available to help. We normally respond to help tickets within 24 hours during the week and on the first business day after a holiday or weekend. If this is an emergency you can call us at 540-701-0404

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