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Every leader is different and unique in their own way. They all have different styles of learning, teaching, and inspiring. No matter how different, these 10 traits will always remain the same in a great leader.

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As a leader, You…

Leadership is having the ability to motivate those who work under you to work as efficiently as possible, through both words and action, in order for the group to achieve common goals for the company. There are quite a few traits that make a quality leader, as there are many styles of leadership. The most basic, and essential ones that are needed, and are the foundation of every leadership style, will be the ones listed below.


Listening to others will not only help you understand better, but it allows you to actually process what is being said. When you talk over others or talk too much, or speak too quickly before listening to the whole thing, you will skip over the middle part of all forms of communication- which is understanding.


All human beings are the same in some sense. We all like to be motivated. Engaging with your employees makes whatever goal you are trying to reach, more enjoyable for them. If your employees enjoy reaching the goal, the goal will be met faster. You can increase employee engagement by encouraging creativity by asking for feedback, making the goal like a competition, adding in incentives, or even by conducting light employee recognition ceremonies.


Great leaders are humble, and they will never take all the credit, but they do take all the blame. A great leader feels like it’s the team that does all of the work, so when the team achieves the company’s goals, the team is the one that deserves the appraisal. However, regardless if it is the leader’s fault or not, a leader will always take the blame for whatever went wrong if it had anything to do with not making a company goal.


Being decisive is an important part of being a leader. There will always be lots of decisions to be made as a leader. A good leader will make these decisions, and be committed to the decision that they’ve made.


Being efficient in the business environment will increase business production greatly. When you are efficient in the company, you are able to get the maximum amount of goods or services out for the company, with the least amount of expenses, time, and labor.


As a leader, you respect others and other people’s opinions. Leaders don’t pull rank or talk down on their employees.


Being able to share your ideas and concerns with employees effectively, not only helps with the employee-employer relationship, but it also ensures that both parties are on the same page and are reaching towards the same goal.


No one is perfect, and life is too short to be so serious all the time. Leaders are aware of this and are able to find humor in mistakes made in the workplace. Being able to laugh at yourself and understand, makes it more enjoyable and comfortable for employees to be around you and work for you.


Every day you are learning something new and it doesn’t end with your leadership. Everyone can be improved, even by a little bit. The difference between a good leader and a great leader is that one embraces improvements, while the other is set on their ways.


You should always praise your employees if they have been working hard towards a goal that benefits the company. Employees enjoy knowing that they are appreciated, and are valuable. By recognizing the work that they do, both individually and as groups, the employee will see that their efforts are not wasted. Happy employees increase business efficiency.

Every leader is different and unique in their own way. They all have different styles of learning, teaching, and inspiring. No matter how different, these 10 traits will always remain the same in a great leader. If you can keep these traits in the back of your head, you will always lead. A leader is built, not born.


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